Efficient and regular forklift repair and maintenance is critical for any warehouse because it keep the trucks live and in production. In a facility that runs 3 shifts on a 24x7 basis, having working equipment is key to ensuring a facility is equipped property.

The challenge warehouse managers have is that when a lift trucks goes down, this can impair the ability to get inventory moved. And really that is the lifeblood of a materials handling operation: the ability to move pallets quickly between the dock and pallet rack. Or in the case of an order picker, between picking aisles and outbound trucks.

In a forklift repair shop it's important to have a set of up to date forklift service manuals that are current for the forklift equipment on hand that is operational in the building. 

Many warehouses rely on Toyota forklifts to get the job done. These are reliable lift trucks that are affordable to repair and of course come from the same international brand that makes the famous cars. However few people know that the forklifts are made by Raymond Corp in Green, New York, a company that invented the pallet and pallet jack in the 1920s. Toyota acquired Raymond Corp and its materials handling lift truck manufacturing facilities in 2010 when it purchased BT industries which owned the Raymond brand itself.

Still, if you are a warehouse manager that runs Toyota forklifts you will need a library that includes every Toyota forklift manual matched to all the lift truck models you operate so that your service team can ensure they stay in tip top shape.

Forklifts require servicing on its consumable lift truck parts, although the key work that needs to happen is really mostly management of forklift batteries which need watering and cleaning with some regularity.

This production process in a warehouse requires some regularity and purposeful scheduling of the work with a dedicated staff. That is unless you don't keep full-time maintenance in-house and then it makes economic sense to outsource your forklift service needs with a shop like a materials handling dealership like Arbor Material Handling in the Philadelphia area or Raymond Handling Forklifts in the Seattle area.

These companies sell both new, used and provide rental forklift equipment. They offer on-site repair service for lift trucks of all makes and a models, and not just the brand of lift truck equipment that in on their name plates on their companies. 

The other lines of business these companies provide is pallet rack storage systems, warehouse automation and consulting services. On this latter item, the company has staff that provide warehouse layout and design services. Something that warehouse managers that are upsizing, optimizing, or deploying new facilities may need. This can be an economical way to get the forklift and materials handling expertise you need without the cost of hiring an expensive and full time staff. Of course these dealerships provide a lot of other services for warehouse operations, including forklift price quotes etc.  

If you are new to the materials handling business and much of this article is somewhat new to you, it is helpful to read up on how the material handling business came to be. To learn more about the business start by reading the history of materials handling on Wikipedia.